Watch The Very, Very Weird Things People Say To Pregnant Couples

"You take the placenta and you boil it down into pills."

Pregnancy makes women and their partners a magnet for all kinds advice. Whether it be from a cashier or a cousin, strangers and family members alike love to offer up their own unsolicited words of wisdom when it comes to the baby-to-be. So, aside from the worries you think up yourself, you also get to be overwhelmed with the ones other people have, too. 

That's likely why this video is resonating with parents everywhere. In it, an expecting couple receives absurd advice from their waiters to their hairstylist to their friends. 

"You take placenta and you boil it down into pills. I did that after my second was born. It cured my anemia. Very salty, though," their liquor store cashier said. "You're not having sex while you're pregnant, are you? You'll poke the baby right in the face and for the rest of their life they'll have a fear of penises. 

"You shouldn't be eating lemons. You'll make your baby hairy," a couple at child's birthday said. 

"Don't lift your arms too high over your head. The umbilical cord will wrap around the baby's neck and strangle it," another couple said. 

Yep, totally ridiculous. But there is a great piece of real advice offered up by the father-to-be himself. "There's no one right way to have a baby. All we can do is listen to our doctor and decide what we think is right," he said.

Check it out in the video below:

(H/T: Popsugar

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