16 Things Your Parents Told You Not To Do, But You Did Anyway

Parents know best.

"Don't do this" or "Stop that right now" have been common vernacular among all parents. But for all of the important things parents say not to do, there's only so much advice a kid will take. 

Here are 16 things every parent tells their kids not to do, but kids do anyway: 

1. Don't sit so close to the TV.

2. Don't cross the street when cars are driving by.

3. Don't eat dessert until you finish dinner.

4. Don't wash your hands without soap.

5. Don't make funny faces (or it will freeze).

6. Don't eat red meat.

7. Don't say "shut up" to someone.

8. Don't put your shoes on the couch.

9. Don't put your feet on the table.

10. Don't go outside without a sweater.

11. Don't sneeze without covering your nose and mouth.

12. Don't open your mouth when you are chewing food.

13. Don't cross your eyes.

14. Don't stick out your tongue.

15. Don't pick your nose...

16. ...and don't eat the boogers.

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