14 Things Movies Get Hilariously Wrong About Real Life

Breakfast is a feast every morning.

Ever watch a movie and wonder why the characters never say "goodbye" before hanging up the phone? Or why they always wear shoes on the bed? Or how the heck they always have a full-spread breakfast inexplicably awaiting them each morning yet they only grab a slice of toast before rushing out the door? Well, you're not alone. Over on Twitter, people are griping about all the things TV and movies get hilariously wrong about real life.

Pop culture journalist Carli Velocci sparked the discussion when she sent out a tweet asking her followers to share which small details about fictional worlds onscreen annoy them. 


Read on for all of the bizarre realities that could only exist in Hollywood.

1. Breakfast is a feast every morning.

2. Alcohol is just so readily available.

3. Phone etiquette is strange.

4. Scheduling a date takes zero effort.

5. Habits form out of nowhere.

6. Car chases include considerate drivers.

7. Everyone has time to waste.

8. Restaurants are for chatting, not eating.

9. Cabs are totally free.

10. Doors are always unlocked.

11. Morning breath does not exist.

12. The news is ALWAYS on.

13. Holding hands is the only way to go.

14. Clothes are disposable.

Cover image: bbernard / Shutterstock.com

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