13 Dirty Little Secrets All Dental Patients Didn't Understand, Until Now

Open wide.

Sure there are people who don't like visiting the dentist, but it turns out that your dentist might not a big fan of you either. To settle things once and for all, your dentist would finally like to proclaim some super-critical details. Some of these are pretty obvious and others will come as a total surprise.

Here are 13 things your dentist wants to tell you, but probably never did, until now:


1. We know that it might hurt, just calm down.

2. This will happen to you if you don't take care of your teeth.

3. Please hold still.

4. This is why we wear a mask.

5. It's called laughing gas for a reason.

6. Yes, all dentists dream of being singers.

7. No biting. Please, no biting.

8. We hope you like how your tongue feels after dental surgery.

9. Please, for your sake and ours, floss your teeth.

10. A dog is not a dentist.

11. Yes, your teeth really look like this.

12. The drill is not that bad.

13. If you think visiting the dentist is bad, stop doing bad things with your teeth.


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