Two Men Stole A Car With A Kid In It. What They Did Next Is Shocking.

This could have been much worse.

Police in Norfolk, Va., are investigating a stolen car case with a bizarre twist. According to WAVY-TV, the two men who absconded with the vehicle on Wednesday found an 8-year-old boy sitting in the car and then dropped him off at school before abandoning the car a few minutes later. 

The boy was left in the car by his mother who went into work before coming out to take him to school. When she got back to the parking lot, her car — and her son — were gone.

Because the woman left her iPhone in the car, police were able to locate it using the Find My iPhone feature, but before they could do that, the thieves had already dropped the boy off at Ghent Elementary School.

In an interview with WAVY, Norfolk Police spokesperson Daniel Hudson described the incident. "The two guys got into the car, saw that he was in the car, and turned around and said, 'Oh, we're here to take you to school, where do you go to school?' He said Ghent Elementary and they took off to Ghent Elementary."

Within 15 minutes of the report, police found both the car and the boy. "We found the child at school," Hudson told WAVY, "unharmed, sitting in the classroom with a smile on his face."

If found, the two suspects could face kidnapping charges, despite their responsible approach to the young man's education and safety. 



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