'The Way We Met' Instagram Featuring Couples' Love Stories Will Most Definitely Leave You Love-Struck


Brooklyn Sherman is a shameless hopeless romantic. Though the 27-year-old aspiring relationships writer has had her heart broken — and has broken others' hearts — she still hasn't lost site of the fact that true love is attainable. And she wants others to remember, too. That's why she created The Way We Met Instagram page, where she curates real couples' photos and love stories to share with the world. 

"I noticed that marriage rates have dropped significantly since the 1960s. People, and especially young people, are getting married a third as much as they used to," she told A Plus in an email. She also noticed that people capture life's beautiful moments only for the sake of putting a glamorized version on social media. She wanted to bring people back to reality. 

"One of my missions is to motivate people to get back into the world and start EXPERIENCING again; not just going out for their next best social media post," she said.

And what better motivator than love stories?

Each day she receives submissions from couples from all ages and backgrounds, including a photo and how they met, which Sherman posts to the account. Since creating the page a little more than two weeks ago, she has gained over 50,000 followers. 

"The insecurities bred from social media are hindering people's belief that they are worthy of love," she said. "The truth is, love is out there, and The Way We Met is putting those stories on display." 

Check out of few of the featured The Way We Met Stories below or head over to The Way We Met's website for more.



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