The Weeknd's 'In The Night' Video Addresses Sexual Abuse In A Way We Aren't Used To

But perhaps she liberates Abel.

The Weeknd's song "In The Night" is not just a typical, up-tempo pop track.


It's dark, it's tragic, it's mysterious and it is about a sensitive subject, sexual abuse.

As the song starts, we are introduced to a character that is living an open-ended life, "just for the feeling." Something bad had happened in this character's past that has led her to this point of just hanging on for the moment.

She doesn't have anyone or anything, just the city she is surrounded by.

While not much is known about this girl, the beginning of the video shows us a glimpse of a tragedy she has experienced and throughout the video we begin to learn more about how she wound up in these circumstances. 

We are first brought into a dark and secret warehouse where we aren't quite sure what is occurring.

It's hazy, there are men circling around someone and they are all pointing and laughing. It is also where we meet the antagonist of the video, an unknown, bloodied man smoking a cigarette on the docks.

A stray bullet then cracks through the glass and we are taken to an empty street where The Weeknd begins his story.

We don't know it yet, but these moments will connect later on.

As the story starts, we get our first glimpse of the subject of the song. She appears to be a twenty-something, working in what could be any strip club, anywhere in the world.

Since you can't differentiate between night and day when you are working all hours inside a dark club, it begins to make sense that this world she is living in "has no end or beginning." 

It simply is just one long day.

She seems to be stuck in a vicious cycle because she can "never walk away." As The Weeknd suggests, we can never really understand why, because we haven't been through what she has.

The lyrics of the song confirm this: "She's dancing to relieve the pain," and "dollar bills and tears keep fallin' down her face." 

In the next part of the song, we begin to learn more about the abuse she has experienced, which has led to this cycle.

We meet the antagonist, for what is actually the first time, who as it turns out could be the reason for her current pain. We begin to understand this could be the man that she "hears calling" in the night, the one she is trying to escape.

The Weeknd explains this man even cruelly sang a song "while he did it" and now she is forced to dance to this song she was sexually abused to "all the time."

This is when the video cuts back to the warehouse in the beginning of the video and we learn what truly happened.

We learn that it was a highly abusive and sadistic event, where groups of men were torturing girls they brought back from the club. However, these girls have had enough and strike back in a planned attack against the group of men, both at the club and warehouse. 

The Weeknd, who was also in the club out of admiration for the girl, seems to have followed her back to the warehouse to see what was happening.

However, the antagonist pops up yet again, and puts a gun to the back of The Weeknd's head. Could it be the end for him and our hero? 

The stray bullet from the beginning of the video was actually shot from the girl he was in love with, who finishes off this bad guy once and for all.

The duo then hop on his bike and leave this cruel city once and for all. Watch the amazing video below.

Not your average pop song, right?


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