See Why A New Tightrope Film Is Making Some Critics More Than A Little Queasy

Afraid of heights?

Robert Zemeckis' new film The Walk, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, tells the story of French high-wire artist Philippe Petit's infamous tightrope stunt between New York City's Twin Towers in 1974. 

According to GQ, the film, which was released in Imax 3-D on Sept. 30, has already earned itself the reputation of sending more than one critic in early screenings out of the theater with serious vertigo and nausea.

Director Zemeckis told The Hollywood Reporter that his goal "was to evoke the feeling of vertigo. We worked really hard to put the audience up on those towers and on the wire."


Naturally, the buzz is luring plenty of people straight to the box office.

Are you afraid of heights? Think you can handle 'The Walk'? Check out the trailer here:


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