The SXSW Hatchathon

Designers, Thinkers, Innovators and Risk Takers Collide in Austin

About 2 miles outside of Austin, a collection of world-class creative movers and shakers were gathered for a day of music, BBQ, drinks and networking.

Sounds like any other SXSW meet-n-greet? Think again. The group, known as Hatch, is a community of successful thinkers and doers from all around the globe. Every year for over a decade, they have come to Bozeman — an unexpected tech and cultural hub tucked away near the mountains of Montana — for a highly curated event known as The Hatch Experience. During the event, attendees are asked to disconnect from their technology to keep focused on each other, making The Hatch Experience a heart-filling overload of creative inspiration, peer-to-peer mentoring, personal development, networking, and collaboration.

Hosts Yarrow Kranner and Jimmy Stice at the SXSW 2015 The Hatch Experience Event
Hosts Yarrow Kranner and Jimmy Stice at the SXSW 2015 The Hatch Experience Event

Over the years, Hatch has grown substantially, creating a global network of "Hatchers," who support and collaborate with one another on everything from corporate endeavors to personal projects. Founded by Yarrow Kraner, the group includes a number of  SXSW 2015 attendees including award-winning documentary filmmaker Ondi Timoner; Cannes Gold Lion winning founder of Not Impossible, Elliot Kotek; Jon Werner, Adidas' innovation explorer (real title, we don't make this stuff up); Darrien Gipson the national director of SAGindie; and Nyla Rodgers, a graduate of Austria's University of Peace Studies and founding director of Mama Hope. With its' all-star roster of influencers and disruptors, it's no surprise that Hatch has been backed by Intel, and also includes attendees from corporations like AT&T, OMD, and Apple.

The SXSW event was co-hosted by Kraner and Jimmy Stice, a barely-thirtyish entrepreneur who is building – from scratch – the world's most sustainable city. Between hot links and cold drinks under the Austin sun, ideas were flowing and smiles were abundant as Hatchers new and tenured connected and reconnected with one another.


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