Kids Have Their Moms Repeat Positive Affirmations In A Show Of Love And Appreciation

"I am always there to pick you up."

One of the best ways to maintain a positive mindset is to practice saying positive affirmations. We've seen this work through individual and group exercises, like when dads inspired their daughters to recite positive affirmations to help them believe in themselves. 

Now, just in time for Mother's Day, The Scene gathered kids and their mothers for a special video that's sure to make any viewer smile. In it, kids tell their moms why they love them and have their mothers repeat their words out loud.

"I am super-duper beautiful," one little boy says to his mom before she repeats it on camera. 

"I am a strong protector," another family tells their mother, flexing their muscles all together. 

"I am always there to pick you up," a third group says.

And through these affirmations, the kids not only have the opportunity to think about their relationship with their mothers, but their mothers, in turn, get to see how much they are appreciated and loved.

Check it out in the full video below, and try spreading such positivity within your own family, too.


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