These Tearful Fans Were Told They Couldn't Meet The Rock — But He Made Their Dreams Come True Anyway

The actor calls these little moments "some of the best parts of fame."

We already knew Dwayne Johnson was an all-around good person — but his latest act of kindness takes it to the next level. Two die-hard fans were visibly upset after waiting all day to meet The Rock and, after originally being turned away, he took selfies with them anyway.

Whether he's surprising people at Disney World, joining Jimmy Fallon to photobomb unsuspecting folks, or making his dad's day by giving meaningful gifts, Johnson has proven to be quite a swell guy. While promoting Baywatch in Berlin, The Rock showed these dedicated fans he cares about them and, of course, couldn't help but take a jab at co-star Zac Efron, too.

"If I see ya crying, I'll call an audible and the game plan changes," the 45-year-old's post began, going on to explain how oftentimes he is moved around either basements or underground garages to avoid security issues with crowds gathering at hotels. While this is a good practice for celebs, it doesn't always work, and sometimes fans get past and attempt to interact with him.

"Security says no, I see tears and say YES, then I get mascara and tears on my new shirt. Ah f*ck the shirt. Gimme those tears," the former wrestler continued. "These lil' [sic] moments w/ fans will always be some of the best parts of fame."

What a guy, huh?


Check out The Rock's sweet fan encounter — just be sure to turn your head sideways:

(H/T: Time)

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