The Next Step for Mankind:

A VR Zero Gravity Experience

Have an urge to surf the cosmos?

This SXSW, Paramount is bringing the film Interstellar (internationally distributed by Warner Bros.) to life through an immersive VR experience, for the March 31st blu-ray release of the film.

This marks the first time that people will be able to experience weightlessness through the lens of an Oculus Rift.

The experience begins in the spaceship Endurance, in the scene of the film just as it enters the event horizon of the wormhole. Participants navigate through the corridors of the ship to the command deck.

The feeling of zero G was rendered virtually by dropping the specially crafted chairs which seat the viewer, and then letting the camera rotate freely.

All in all, this is another one in the books for Oculus, a company which is to VR what Disney initially was to animation, a gestation point for some of the best VR tech and creative talents out there.

Not bad for a morning at a convention center in Austin.


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