"The Martian" Director Ridley Scott Knew About Water On Mars Months Ago

But it was too late to change his movie.

The Martian hits theaters Fri., Oct. 2, and it's already drummed up a ton of hype following Gravity and Interstellar as this year's blockbuster space movie. Director Ridley Scott is an accomplished sci-fi filmmaker, having directed Alien, Blade Runner and Prometheus, among others. With his latest film, this week's timing of a real-life announcement by NASA that liquid water exists on Mars is interesting, given the news that Scott apparently knew of the findings a few months ago.

Speaking to Yahoo Movies, the director said, "When I first talked to NASA, we got into all kinds of stuff and I said, 'So I know you've got down there [these] massive glaciers,' " and when the agency responded with its findings, he recalled remarking, "'Wow! Does that mean there was an ocean? Are we right now what Mars was 750 million years ago?' "

The Martian, which stars Matt Damon as an astronaut left behind on a manned mission to Mars, sees Damon's character forced to find a way to survive on the barren planet for up to four years by manufacturing his own water supply through capturing steam. Of course, since we now know Mars isn't quite as dry as the film suggests, this drives somewhat of a wrench in the plot. However, when Scott was told of the discovery, his film was too far along in production to make sweeping changes to the script that would accommodate a suddenly wetter Mars.

So it looks like we'll all have to suspend our disbelief a bit when The Martian hits theaters and laughably depicts an ancient view of Mars where there is no water. Sorry, Ridley.

Cover image: 20th Century Fox via YouTube


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