The Good, The Bad And The Unfortunate Of World Cup Hairstyles

From runway perfection to just-got-out-of-bed hair.

Most of us have our eye on the ball during the 2014 World Cup, but a few players have grabbed our attention for their weird, wacky and—let's face it—unfortunate haircuts.

Brazil"s Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior: Questionable Frosted Tips
This 22-year-old Brazilian is bringing back the frosted tips. He doesn't care if they're in or not, and neither do we—with soccer skills like his, he can rock any questionable hairstyle.

Mexico"s Guillermo Ochoa: Out-Of-Control Ringlets
Ochoa is known for his kicka** goalie skills, but we think his illustrious head of hair should be praised just as much. Who wouldn't kill for a head of curls like his? Come on!

USA"s Kyle Beckerman: Out-Of-Date Dreads

Dreads may have gone out of style a few years ago, but this USA midfielder is still rockin" the style. It might look like he just rolled out of bed, but Beckerman has proved he"s more than just a dreadlock-bouncing teammate—he"s an American favorite.

Croatia"s Danijel Pranjic: Sad Mohawk

Let"s put his football skills to the side for a second and focus on that awful haircut. There"s the nice, acceptable Mohawk, and then there"s this. Enough said.

Ghana"s Asamoah Gyan: The Obnoxious Number
Ok, we admit, this one takes a lot of time and effort. Because not only is Gyan"s number shaved into his head, but it"s also dyed to match one of the colors in the Ghanian flag. But, really?

Greece"s Panagiotis Kone: The Runway Look
If you"re going to play soccer, you need to look the part. Kone may look like he"s about to throw on a tuxedo with that incredible volume, but we have no problem with a perfectly quiffed hairdo, especially while at the World Cup.

Cameroon's Benoit Assou-Ekotto: The Headbutting "Fro
Not only does Assou-Ekotto give us one of the best-looking "fros of the World Cup, but he was even able to demonstrate its pillow-soft texture after headbutting teammate Benjamin Moukandjo in the 4-0 defeat to Croatia.

Ivory Coast"s Geoffroy Serey Die: The Golden Strip
If you"re playing for gold, you might as well have a strip of it in your hair. This hairstyle is great for a few reasons—we love the way that the golden strip isn"t completely centered, and we love the fact that it looks completely photoshopped!

France"s Bacary Sagna: Golden Braids
Believe it or not, this golden player"s hairstyle is the result of a bet…he won! We"re kind of digging this golden hairstyle as well—it should be mandatory for every soccer star to wear it like this at some point in their career!

Japan"s Yashuito Endo: Bedhead Bonanza
Some players aren"t too fussed about what they"ll appear like to millions of people all over the world. Take Yashuito. No gel, no hair drying, nothing. This is OK for a college team, but this is the World Cup, baby! At least put a comb through it.

Like a hairstyle we're not too fond of? Let us know in the comments, or share with friends to entertain them with this hairy scary list.



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