Meet Two Besties Who Wear Flowers In Their 'Gay' Beards

Flowers, glitter and feathers. Need we say more.

Meet Johnathan and Brian.


The two best friends from Portland, Oregon, are the masterminds behind our new favorite Instagram account TheGayBeards. The trend of decorating beards is nothing new, but these two BFFs take it to a whole new level.

Watch them.

These two 25-year-olds met back in 1998 when they were eight...

... and have been besties ever since.

As they told The Groomed Man Co, they started growing their beards back in 2013. Months later they launched their Instagram account that now has more than 33 thousand.

One day in July of 2014 we were sitting on the couch, feeling anxiously creative, and we though why not go take a picture of our beards? We went off exploring, took a couple photos for our newly created Instagram and the rest truly was history. You could say it just felt right. 

But they don't just use flowers to decorate their gorgeous beards...

Peep the glitter.

Wait... Is that fruit salad?

And now, feathers. Obvi.

Some foam...

And rainbows...

Back to flowers.

Make a wish, guys!

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(H/T: The Groomed Man CoElite Daily)


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