Could You Say 'No' To A Proposal Like This?

Simply fun.

This is an imaginative way to propose... Yep, via flipbook.


Ben Zurawski, also known as The Flippist collects and makes flipbooks: the tiny picture books that, when flipped, create beautiful miniature works of animation.

He recently posted a collection of some of his love-themed work to Imgur.

They're whimsical, light-hearted, and romantic.

Naturally we loved them and wanted to share them with you.

Each is custom drawn by The Flippist...

Which means you can have one of your very own, made just for you...

... And your significant other.

For more of Zurawski's beautiful work, please check him out on Instagram and Facebook. If you'd like information on how to order a custom flipbook, please visit his website.

It's always worth finding new ways to express your affections, whether in a poem scrawled on a napkin or in a hand-drawn flipbook. 

Please share this artist's incredible talent with your friends.


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