This Is What Happens When You Tell Women 'She Was Asking For It'

"No, she wasn't."

If someone who had their house robbed, their belongings taken away, would you say they were "asking for it?" Because they had expensive things? For not closing their shades every night? Would you say that they deserved what happened to them?

Sadly, that's what happens to rape victims all too often — by both men and other women. 

She was walking alone, her clothes were revealing, her skirt too short, she didn't exactly say no, either, etc. These are all the excuses people come up with to victim-blame and slut-shame a woman and put the responsibility for her own rape back on her. 

Cut Video wanted to see what women thought about that phrase and asked 60 of them, between the ages of 18 and 50, to respond to it with one word. 

Here's what they said.





But some women couldn't limit themselves to just one word.

"It doesn't matter what she looked like, what she was saying. Nobody deserves to have the control over their body taken away from them."

"I'd believe there'd be less rape if men were trained growing up differently to respect women."

"No she wasn't."

"No one is asking to be raped."

Not only does this put blame on the victim for the crime committed against them, but making victims suspect in any way is just not statistically accurate. The chances of a false rape are very small. And when women do come forward, truthfully, most cases don't make it to trial. 

The idea that women can bring on their own sexual assault, instead of putting full responsibility on the person who committed the crime, is a main factor. 

Put simply: Regardless of what someone is wearing, what they say, how much or how little they've had to drink, how many people they've slept with — no one asks to be raped.

If that's still hard to comprehend, check this out.

And remember, she was never asking for it.

Watch the full video below:

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