Brilliant Comic Series Illustrates The Struggle Of Depression And Anxiety

Spot on.

Millions of Americans deal with depression and anxiety on a daily basis. Though it can be an all-consuming endeavor, it isn't always easy to explain how crushing the weight of it can be to loved ones who haven't experienced it first-hand.

Nick Seluk, the artist behind The Awkward Yeti, has interpreted the daily battle of living with depression and anxiety into an amazing comic. The story was told by Sarah Flanigan and is an episode of the Medical Stories Retold series on Tapastic.


Seluk's visualization of this deep struggle is spot on, and worth sharing to increase awareness of this serious medical disorder.

Continue reading to find out what it's like when there is a break in the clouds of depression:

The best part about depression and anxiety is when their effects go away:

Share this comic with someone you know who could benefit from a deeper understanding of depression and anxiety.

All images belong to The Awkward Yeti and have been used with permission. You can find the full Medical Tales Retold series on Tapastic. Support Nick Seluk's outstanding artwork by becoming a patron on Patreon.


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