The Art of Telling Stories through New Screens

A SXSW Session Spotlight

In an era overloaded with consumable content, researchers from USC's Annenberg Innovation Lab, a self-described "think and do tank," set out to overcome the challenges of capturing the attention of increasingly distracted and discerning audiences. The group presented their findings in detail at the SXSW session Storytelling with New Screens.

The solution as they presented it: suggest storytelling through new platforms and devices that can often bleed into tangible, real world experiences, including wearables, smart devices, 3D printers, augmented, and virtual reality.

Whether through sensor-embedded toys that can interact with children through augmented reality; stories that change based on the geographical location of your wearable device; or 360 degree immersive VR Oculus Rift narratives, the stories coming out of Annenberg are told through the use of technology, and across mediums.

The counter-intuitive outcome of t adding a layer of complex technology to storytelling is that it enables a return to what storytelling has always been: a tool that inspires new perspectives on our physical surroundings. Through these new screens, we can now live out a story in the world around us in real time.


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