Now You Can Learn How To Dance Like Beyoncé With This Handy YouTube Video

From A to Z and everything in between.

Have you ever wanted to break down some of Beyoncé's dance moves so you can learn them yourself? Or have you ever wished to see her epic moves honored in an alphabet-style format? Well then, today's your lucky day.

A new video popped up on YouTube recently titled "The A-Z of Beyoncé Dance" and it features a diverse set of dancers — of various races, body sizes, genders, and more — providing a closer look at some of Queen Bey's intricate and iconic moves. Sebastian Andreassen, the video's producer and creative director, spoke to Sweet about why he decided to make the video in the first place.

"This is different because it highlights dance moves from all aspects of Beyoncé's career — live performance, videos, and TV ads. It's less of a tutorial and more a celebration," Andreassen said. "Adam France, who directed the video, and I were also inspired by the rare opportunity to collaborate with inspiring and unique New York talent on a passion project that celebrates the love of dance and the joy of Beyoncé."

Andreassen noted that Beyoncé "keeps getting stronger with each era," and that the 35-year-old superstar "completely breaks the mold each time." In fact, he compared Beyoncé to another famous dancer from the pop culture history books.

"She really has taken the torch from Michael Jackson in keeping dance alive in our A-list entertainers," Andreassen added. "She is the go-to for a tour where the musician sings and dances, and she pushed dance into new territory in all her work. She has also developed her own genre that works with her music, her body, and her message. It's been hugely inspiring and empowering to people the world over."

Andreassen said he wishes they'd been able to include the "Formation" dance in this video, but that it just didn't work out and they didn't want to get the moves or the message wrong. That said, the video is chock full of Queen Bey goodness and leaves plenty opportunity for a follow-up.


Watch the full video below and start perfecting your favorite Beyoncé moves:

(H/T: Hello Giggles)

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