Dad Turns 6-Month-Old Son Into A Mischievous Leprechaun

Alan Lawrence, creator of 'That Dad Blog' never fails to make us smile.

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St. Patrick's Day is coming up and while we don't have anything against green beer, Guinness, and parades – we are, after all in New York – this year we're looking forward to seeing what Alan Lawrence, a father of six and the creator of the wildly popular site "That Dad Blog" – is going to do with his kids.

That's because last March, Lawrence dressed his then 6-month-old son Rockwell up as a Leprechaun for a hilariously staged photo set that he featured on his blog. Rockwell – or Rock as he is apparently known around the Lawrence household – had previously appeared as a ridiculously cute Christmas elf the year before and seems to absolutely love the attention.

Here are some of Lawrence's pic of Rock the Leprechaun, culled from his beautifully curated Instagram.



The Leprechaun had some help making his outfit, naturally.

A grand entrance is SO important for every leprechaun.

Rock made sure every family member got involved in the festivities.

Yes: every member.

Leprechaun Jordans are going to be huge this year, too.

What part of "going green" do parents not understand?

Leprechauns bore easily and mischief soon followed.

Maybe don't try to find his pot of gold next time.

We hope to see Rock and his siblings again this year.

Check out Alan Lawrence's website and Instagram for more fun.

Watch Project Dad below:

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