11 Thanksgiving Things They Don't Teach You In School For Obvious Reasons

Unofficial Thanksgiving traditions.

Believe it or not, Thanksgivings are always predictable. Anytime you get together with the same people and enjoy the same turkey dinner every year, things are always bound to repeat. Instead of being surprised that a relative might be intoxicated or the turkey might be carved wrong, you should prepare yourself for these same events to occur every year.

You can't say for sure, but here are 11 things that will probably happen on Thanksgiving this year.


1. You'll probably play backyard football.

2. Your uncle will probably get drunk.

3. You'll probably fight over the wishbone.

4. The dog will probably try to join the meal.

5. Or you'll probably feed the dog under the table.

6. There will probably be leftovers... lots of leftovers.

7. You'll probably reach for something and someone else will grab it.

8. Someone will probably knock the turkey over.

9. You'll probably drop the turkey.

10. Or probably burn it.

11. The Lions will probably lose.


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