They Made Confessions About Their Teachers — But Their Teachers Could Hear Everything

The most important lesson of all.


We've all had an unforgettable teacher who changed our lives. Some of us were lucky enough to have several.  We think back on our time in those teachers' classrooms and cherish the lessons they taught us — some of which were far more valuable than the school's curriculum intended. 

There are so many reasons to thank these extraordinary teachers. But what if you had the chance to do just that? 

In the video above, and as part of a quest to explore the concept of success, we gave people a very special opportunity: to tell us about these teachers — and maybe even thank them. One man spoke of a teacher he had in high school, confessing that he would have been lost without her. A young woman recalled her teacher instilling a sense of confidence in her through her attitude.   

They thought they were just being interviewed about their favorite teachers — but it would soon become so much more.  

Watch the video above to see the touching reveal.

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