One Creative PSA Uses Pink Kittens To Send A Serious Message About Texting And Driving

"Did you see the pink kitten?"

A new PSA asking you to spot the pink kittens actually sends a much more serious message than you might expect. It comes from THINK!, a road safety campaign for the U.K. Department for Transport, but its lesson about texting and driving applies to drivers all over the world.

The ad starts with a two-second shot moving down a city street. "Did you see the pink kitten?" the video asks, before a second, slower look at the same scene reveals just how much you may have missed the first time around. As the PSA shows, this could lead to tragic consequences if you're not paying attention — especially if you're behind the wheel of a car.


"You miss a lot glancing at your phone," the video reminds viewers. "At 30 MPH a car travels 100 ft in 2.3 seconds. Put your phone away." As we've seen time and again, a quick glance could be the difference between life and death.

The eye-catching ad was created by duo We Are From LA, who directed Pharrell's "Happy" music video, and features music by Aphex Twin. Considering the National Safety Council estimated in 2015 that cellphones are involved in 27 percent of car crashes — with a third of U.S. drivers admitting to texting or emailing while driving in 2011 — its message is more important than ever.

Check out the full PSA in the video below:

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