19 Things Your Dog Would Text You If He Had A Cellphone

Who let the dogs text?

Cover image via Shutterstock / Artfish.

While we know what could happen if cats texted you, imagine if you received text messages from your favorite canine. Your dog could text you about barking or food, and it might be very funny or annoying depending on how you feel.

Here are 19 imaginary texts between a dog and an owner that might make you glad that man's best friend can't text ... yet.


1. Some dogs don't like couches.

2. Fulfilling the dog vs. mailman stereotype.

3. Dogs like to stay dry.

4. Dogs love to eat.

5. This is why dogs shouldn't have certain drinks.

6. Dogs can protect your home from burglars.

7. A dog who can text is incredible.

8. Dogs might not get jokes.

9. We know dogs have super senses.

10. Dogs love to play.

11. Well played, dog.

12. Dogs can get you in trouble.

13. The ranking of dogs among friends.

14. Dogs want to be the center of attention.

15. Dogs like to be in cars.

16. We never really know what they say when they bark.

17. Dogs don't know how to stop eating sometimes.

18. What's in a dog's name?

19. And a dog can be a great friend.


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