13 Texts From Boyfriends Who Need Help Being Romantic

Chivalry isn't dead, guys.

There are some guys who know how to be romantic for their girlfriends. Then there are some guys who are missing all abilities to sweep their girlfriends off their feet. And when you combine that lack of romance with today's modern technology, you get some interesting conversations.

Here are 13 text messages from boyfriends who need to up their romantic game or their girlfriends might leave them:

1. She's talking about you.

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2. This is the opposite of romantic.

My boyfriend is the most romantic person I know

3. Expand your vocabulary.

We're so romantic. (yes my boyfriends name in my phone is Boyfriend, I ain't ashamed!)

4. Not the best response.

This is how my romantic boyfriend reacted on my overly attached gf comment

5. You can be more romantic than this.

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6. Not the best analogy.

7. Not a true poetic.

8. Hope you bought the necklace.

9. Caught red-handed.

10. He's rushing over.

11. You're hitting a sensitive cord.

12. Put your girlfriend over video games.

13. You had a chance to be romantic ... and then you choose not to.


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