Family Finds Lost Dogs After Texas Tornado

How did they survive?

Communities in North Texas are still cleaning up rubble after nine tornadoes stampeded through their section of the state on Saturday. The storms killed 11 people and damaged hundreds of homes.

The city of Rowlett, located to the north of Dallas, reported vast damage after an EF3 tornado hit their town. Winds of up to 165 mph resulted in 23 injuries, downed power lines and demolished homes.

Gina Berkshier's family house in Rowlett was destroyed by the tornado. Her sister and grandmother were trapped underneath the home. Although both were rescued, the family still had a concern.

Both of their family dogs, Sawyer and Lucy, were missing.

With their dogs nowhere to be found, the family assumed that they lost them in the tornado. Gina said she had problems sleeping after the storm, praying that they would hopefully locate them.

Two days later, Gina and her family returned to the remains of their ravaged home.

And that's when she heard a familiar sound.

They heard Sawyer barking under the rubble of the house.

"Oh, we heard him," Gina told KXAS. "We heard him crying out and barking."

20 minutes later, the family dug Sawyer up from underneath the rubble.

Sawyer survived two days underneath the rubble — with no broken bones.

The family also received more good news when they located their smaller dog, Lucy, under the scrap remains of their house. Lucy is also expected to make a full recovery.

Here is video of the dramatic rescue of Lucy:

Gina Berkshier and her family are thankful that they will soon have their two dogs home from the veterinarian.


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