This Dad Busting A Move At His Daughter's School Dance Puts Us All To Shame

"Just be you, Dad."

Texas parent Ray Mason just gave a whole new meaning to "dad dancing" — and made his 12-year-old daughter Sadie's first dance at a new school more fun.

Sadie recently transferred to Caldwell Elementary School in Beaumont, Texas, and was nervous to attend the father-daughter dance last month. Fortunately, her dad was there to make things easier.

"Towards the end of the dance, she told me I didn't look like I was having fun," Mason told local paper The Beaumont Enterprise. "'She told me, 'You don't dance like you do when we're at home.' "

He didn't want to embarrass his daughter in front of her new classmates, but Sadie gave him permission to be himself: "She told me, 'I don't even know anyone here. Just be you, Dad.'"

And that's exactly what he did, proceeding to pop it and lock it to Bruno Mars' "24K Magic." A fellow parent caught the moves on video and posted the clip on Facebook, where it has since received more than 4 million views. "To me, it's just me and my little girl dancing," Mason said of the video, and insisted that Sadie is "the real performer."

The dad, who grew up in the era of break-dancing and is more familiar with '70s and '80s music than Mars' recent hit, shared his inspiring philosophy with Today: "I look at dancing like expression of an emotion you're feeling. You get out there and even if you're not a great dancer, you express how you feel through way you move."


Watch Ray and Sadie express themselves below:

(H/T: People)

Meet some more dads who don't fear the dance floor in the clip below:


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