The Way These Homeless People React To Being Given 100 McDonald's Sandwiches Is Priceless

When they ran out, they gave out snacks and water bottles.

Ordering 100 sandwiches from McDonald's may warrant weird looks in most situations, but Lance Stewart and Adin Kolansky didn't care. They were on a mission.

Kolansky and Stewart — who produces YouTube videos and is from Franklinville, N.J. — purchased 100 McDonald's sandwiches to give out to the homeless in the Hollywood, C.A. area. 

In a video posted to Stewart's Facebook page, he hands about two burgers a piece to each person, some of which are sleeping on the sidewalk or beside garbage. While some look confused, almost all happily accept the food. 

"A lot of the homeless people even offered food to other homeless people before we got a chance to give them food as well," he told A Plus in an email. 


In three days, the philanthropic video reached more than 7 million views and received 150,000-plus shares. 

It's not hard to see why.

When the two guys run out of the McDonald's McDoubles, they purchase a ton of snacks from the convenience store. They continued to give the homeless the snacks along with a water bottle. 

Stewart told A Plus that he hopes his video will show people who watch that the smallest of actions can make a big difference. 

"I hope that they realize how grateful we are in this world," he said. "And how something as little food can go a long way in someone else day."

We're incredibly McTouched. 

A Plus has reached out to Stewart for comment. 

(H/T: 6abc)


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