Without Saying A Word, This Teen Made An Emotional Plea For Peace In India And Pakistan


A 19-year-old girl from India called for peace with Pakistan in a moving Facebook video on Thursday. She lost her father in the Kargil War.

"I was two years old when he died," Gurmehar Kaur wrote on a poster in the video. "I have very few memories of him. I have more memories of how it feels to not have a father."

The 1999 Kargil War between India and Pakistan occurred in the district of Kashmir over a boundary dispute at the Line of Control, a de facto border. Each side lost over 500 soldiers. One of the casualties was Kaur's father, Captain Mandeep Singh.

Kaur says that she resented Pakistanis and Muslims as a child. At age 6, she says she attempted to stab a Pakistani woman in a burka she viewed as "responsible" for her father's death before her mother held her back.

Kaur eventually realized that the real culprit behind her father's death was not Pakistan, but war itself.

"Today, I am a solider too just like my dad," Kaur wrote in the video. "I fight for peace between India and Pakistan."

She reached out to activist Ram Subramanian to produce the video. According to The Times of India, Subramanian chose not to speak and to instead use posters to tell the video's story because "it would be more impactful if the people heard the message in their own voice."


In the video, Kaur called upon the governments of India and Pakistan to end the "hatred" and to work together towards peace. Since the Kargil War, there have been three further border incidents between the nations with no resolution.

"If this keeps going on, both the nations will end up destroying each other," Kaur told The Times of India. "If there is peace and no situation of war arising, all the funds that would've been used for the war would be used for development of the countries. The funds could be used for educating children, building schools, empowering women, building infrastructure, creating employment... The possibilities here are endless."


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