This Incredible Teen Fashionista Is Breaking Gender Stereotypes One Look At A Time

Grass is the new black.

A teen in Thailand is becoming Instagram and Facebook famous — but it has nothing to do with photos of #brunch. 

Instead, the teen, who calls himself the Thai Ban Fashionist," has made a name for himself in less than a year's time all thanks to his homemade fashion pieces. Not just any pieces, though. His are made out of pretty much anything in his surroundings. And he totally rocks them all while kicking gender roles to the curb in the process. 

Someone needs to call up Project Runway, stat.

He'd definitely move on to the next round with these fashion-forward pieces made out of ...


1. Grass

2. Stuffed animals

3. Metal

4. Palm tree leaves

5. Hangers

6. Flip-flops

7. Tapestry

8. Woven baskets

9. Sheets

10. Balloons

11. Hay

12. A fleece sweater

13. Cabbage


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