Whisper Confessions Read Aloud Show How Teen Moms Are Unfairly Misunderstood

Give support, not judgement.

Raising a child is rarely easy — especially for teen moms.


To show how "teen mom" has become a stereotype and label that often leads to outsiders shaming and misunderstanding people, Buzzfeed recently decided to read aloud some anonymous Whisper confessions.

In case you didn't know, this is what Whisper is:

When you hear these confessions, it leads to a number of different realizations.

Some moms are completely happy with their decision to have a child. 

Others will not stop their education just because they had a child at a young age. They will remain strong.

No one said you have to be a teen mom or that it was intentional, but they aren't trading it for anything.

It can be extremely isolating.

Sometimes, they feel as though it's better not to mention their baby because people judge them.

Instead of criticizing teen moms, we can all do a better job at understanding what they go through.

Watch the full video below to see all of the confessions. Remember, these are actresses reading, but real people commenting. Somewhere out there, these people are struggling for real. 

If you know someone in this situation, share your story and tell us how you are going to help them.


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