She Taught Herself To Catwalk On YouTube, Now This 17-Year-Old Is A High Fashion Model

"I practiced my walk in my dining room when nobody was home."

Meet Allyson Chalmers, a 17-year-old high school senior from Philadelphia. Here she is on the far left, pictured with her friends.


Last week, Chalmers went from gangly teen to high fashion model when she made her big debut at the Calvin Klein Collection's Spring 2016 runway show.

Chalmers struck gold when she caught the attention of modeling agency IMG's talent scouts. But unlike traditional "discovery" stories, Chalmers was found on Instagram after submitting herself to the agency's We Love Your Genes (#WLYG) contest.

The rest would have been history for this Philly teen, except walking on a runway takes way more than just beautiful photos. Chalmers' Calvin Klein debut was so successful that she went on to walk for shows in London and Milan — all in a space of a few weeks.

It turns out that Chalmers did put in the work: she taught herself to catwalk by watching a ton of YouTube videos. "I practiced my walk in my dining room when nobody was home," she told Refinery29, "so I could play my music as loud as I wanted!"

She added, "Two weeks ago, I never really thought of modeling as something that I could do as a career. It had always been a thought in the back of my mind and finally I just decided, Why not?"

Way to go, girl! We can't get enough of that go-getter spirit.

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