What'd It Look Like If We Treated Teachers The Way To Do Athletes

The latest from 'Teaching Center.'

What a world it would be if teachers were praised on a daily basis by the masses and their issues caught the attention of the entire nation (they are the gateways to our children's future). But of course, that's not a world we live in. Our world lauds athletes and sports instead on 24/7 TV networks. 

So Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of Comedy Central's "Key and Peele" show decided to flip the script. 

In a Sports Center-style newscast, they discuss "top stories in the world of teaching" that would be of our concern if "Teaching Center" was the show that we gathered around to watch after a big game, er, school day. 

They covered highlights such as:


"Central Rapids High, recipient of the worst test scores last semester, made the first pick. That was no surprise to anyone," says a smirking Key.

They show footage from a teaching "draft," where a teacher was chosen to head to the school in need.

"And just like that, you're a millionaire," says Peele, referring to the No. 1 draft pick. 

If only.

But that's not all ...

Then came the highlight of the day: "See what she did there? She's bringing an introvert into the conversation," says Key, analyzing a good teacher's style.

But the best is when they show a typical, dramatic car commercial. Except, it features an AP English teacher.

"Meet the new teacher's pet."


Watch the full clip below:

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