Magical Teacher Surprises Students By Decorating His Classroom Like Hogwarts

"I wanted to give my students a surprise this year ... "

Students in Kyle Ely's class were in for a treat when they headed back to school this year. While they may have been attending Evergreen Eagles Middle School in Oregon, the students stepped into the magical world of Harry Potter when they entered their classroom because Mr. Ely had decorated the entire place to look like Hogwarts.


No magical detail was overlooked. The teacher decorated the walls with stone and red brick paper, hung banners of Hogwarts houses, and wrote inspiring quotes from the series around the room.

Harry Potter fans will also recognize all of the memorabilia strewn throughout the room including Harry Potter figurines, broomsticks, a Sorting Hat, quills, candle sticks, and books of spells.

The outside has a door leading to Platform 9¾ with a Mrs. Dudley next door.

"I got to reveal the classroom to my students yesterday and they loved it!" Mr. Ely explained on Facebook. "Seeing their faces light up made all the time and effort put into this totally worth it!"

He added, "We're going to have a fun year!"

Scroll down to see some of the magical decor:

The teacher previously shared photos of his classroom's Harry Potter-inspired makeover during Halloween 2016 complete with a House Cup Contest that recognized students for their good behavior and acts of kindness.

(H/T: Popsugar)

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