First Grade Teacher Surprises Her Student With Selfless Offer To Donate Her Kidney

What a teacher!

Chris Burelton had a very memorable meeting at her granddaughter's school in Oakfield, Wisconsin last week with first-grade teacher Jodie Schmidt and principal Becky Doyle. Burelton assumed that her granddaughter, Natasha Fuller, was acting "naughty" in school and that's why she was called in for the meeting, but, as she soon learned, that wasn't the case.

Natasha was born with prune belly syndrome, which can result in urinary tract disease. The first-grade student is on dialysis and in desperate need of a new kidney. At the meeting, Schmidt gave a gift to Burelton. The gift had a message inside saying that Schmidt was a match to be a kidney donor for Natasha.

Doyle recorded a video of Burelton's incredibly emotional response to the reveal.

"You?" Burelton asked.

Schmidt nodded and the two hugged, Burelton crying from joy.

"Jodi Schmidt is a teacher at Natasha's school," Burelton wrote on Facebook. "And she gave the best ever present to Tasha. Jodi is a match for Tasha to get a very very thankful to Jodi and her family....Tasha will get a NEW kidney from this wonderful lady."


Then it was Natasha's turn to be surprised.

"I think you are a very special little girl, and we wanted to give you something. So here's a present for you," Schmidt said when she entered the room.

When Natasha saw the message, she hugged her teacher and thanked her for her incredible kindness.


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