Watch Ellen Surprise These Two Teachers By Helping Turn Their Wedding Into A Reality

It's Teacher Appreciation Day!

In honor of May 3 being Teacher Appreciation Day, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed two teachers, who also happen to be engaged, to her stage.

The couple, who submitted a video to The Ellen Show prior to their arrival, say they bonded over their love for DeGeneres and her show on their very first date. Moreover, Lauren and her now-fiance, Alan, have been saving up for their wedding since 2014.

"We do the best we can," Alan explains. "Teacher's salaries."

"Paycheck to paycheck. But we put as much away as we can for the wedding," Lauren adds. Not to mention they've got student loans to pay, too.

So in a generous effort to show these teachers how much people appreciate their work, DeGeneres and Credit Karma gift them with 50 thousand dollars to put towards both their loans and their wedding. 

Watch their emotional reaction in the video below — and be sure to tell your teachers how much you appreciate them!


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