TD Bank Gives Back To Surprised Customers To Show Their Appreciation



A unique marketing strategy by TD Bank generated smiles among some lucky customers who were surprised with gifts at their local branch as part of the chain's #TDThanksYou campaign. The campaign sought to thank people for banking with them. 

As with their campaigns in the past, TD Bank customers in the United States and Canada were treated to gifts from special ATMs as well as snacks served up in branch lobbies. Some customers in Canada received $10 notes and thank you cards.

The gifts, given via "Thank Accounts," weren't all as dramatic as vacations and plane tickets, but each was gratefully received.

While it's always tempting to write off things like this as mere publicity stunts, it's still a genuinely kind gesture on the part of the people — the actual humans who, like you and I, see other people in the world and care about them — at the banks. If you're feeling a little cynical about this, think about how many banks are doing absolutely nothing to keep your business.

Good job, TD Bank.


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