Taylor Swift Reveals The Reason She 'Didn’t Date' For 2 Years — And It's Not What You Think

This is how you stand up to sexism.

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has won 10 Grammy Awards and has achieved immense popularity with her music. However, some of the attention she receives in the media is not focused on her talents or her artistic success, but rather what Swift calls her "incredibly sexist Men–of–Taylor Swift slideshows."

Swift will grace the cover of next month's Vogue. The musician discussed many important topics during a feature interview with the magazine, including the blatant double standards she encounters because of her gender.

"You know, I went out on a normal amount of dates in my early 20s, and I got absolutely slaughtered for it," she told Vogue. "And it took a lot of hard work and altering my decision-making. I didn't date for two and a half years. Should I have had to do that? No."

While all of the men-Of-Taylor-Swift articles have diminished in recent years, Vogue pointed out that Swift now faces criticism for her "squad" of celebrity female friends for being "too glam or too phony."

When Swift accepted her 2016 Grammy Award, she spoke about discrimination towards women.

"I guess what I wanted to call attention to in my speech at the Grammys was how it's going to be difficult if you're a woman who wants to achieve something in her life—no matter what," she told Vogue.

Swift also told the magazine that she is used to people saying "hurtful things" and has mastered how to assess (and put aside) their comments. 

The Vogue interview is not the first in which Swift has called out sexism in Hollywood. Her courage to fight on and ignore the haters in the pursuit of her art is commendable.


Cover image via Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com


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