Taylor Swift Surprises Fans By Showing Up And Performing At Their Wedding

Just Taylor Swift doing Taylor Swift things.


Taylor Swift surprised newlyweds Kenya Smith and Max Singer at their wedding in Long Beach Township, N.J., this weekend after receiving a letter from the groom's sister explaining how Singer and Smith were married in his dying mother's hospital room so she could be there for her son's special day. According to ET Online, Singer's sister explained that her brother was a huge fan and had chosen "Blank Space" from Swift's 1989 album for the mother-son dance.

CBC reports that Swift contacted Singer's sister and made plans to surprise the couple.

Swift brought the newlyweds a handmade card with a line from "Blank Space."

She then performed a stripped-down version of the song for the couple and their teary-eyed guests.

She even posed for photos with them, posting them to her Instagram account.

Is there anything that Taylor Swift won't do for her fans? Although I'm still waiting for her to respond to my Instagram challenges to play Scrabble, I don't think there's anyone in entertainment who is as kind and thoughtful as Taylor Swift when it comes to her fans. 

Perhaps we should write her in as a candidate for President of the United States.


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