Taylor Swift's Doppelgänger Just Met Taylor IRL, And They Are Seriously Twinning

How on earth?!

Say hello to Taylor... errr... no... Olivia Sturgiss.


As you can see, the 19-year-old Target employee bears a striking resemblance to 25-year-old singer Taylor Swift.

"I think it's just the facial structure. I've got small eyes and bigger lips like her," the teen from New South Wales told Daily Mail Australia. "Sometimes I won't wear makeup at all, and still get told I look like her."

Seriously, though. The resemblance is uncanny.


Apparantly, they even share the same passion for cats.

"You served me at Target in Bowral, [New South Wales], a few weeks ago and I had to take about 10 looks at you because I thought you actually were Taylor," a woman commented on Sturgiss' Instagram photo. "It's incredible how much you look like her."

Truth be told, we can't stop staring ourselves. And we are clearly not the only ones.

Someone looking exactly like Taylor is pretty awesome by itself, but then this happened:

Yep. Sturgiss got to meet her doppelgänger (or was it the other way around?) in real life during Taylor's tour in Australia. The two posed together with Strugiss' bestie for a photo, Charlie's Angels style.

Oh joy!

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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