After A Teacher Complimented A Student's Shoes, His Class Decided To Surprise Him With His Own Pair

"Guys, this is so sweet."

When psychology teacher Taylor Kerby told a student on the first day of school that he liked their red Vans and he would like to get some, his students remembered it. When December came around, the students from Edgewood High School in California decided to come up together and get Kerby a pair of his own shoes.

Approximately 25 students gave $2 each for the shoes. They presented them to Kerby at the beginning of class, during a time when they normally share good things that have happened to them.


Student Dyani Heredia posted a video on Twitter of Kerby unwrapping his present and it has gone viral thanks to his sweet reaction. 

In the video, the teacher is clearly moved as he opens the present. "They're red Vans! Guys, this is so sweet. I love them," he adds, "I'm, like, the coolest kid on the block right now."

Since Heredia posted the video on December 19, it has been retweeted more than 54,000 times and liked 149,000 times. People love how excited Kerby is and how thoughtful his class was for remembering his comment about the shoes from so many months ago.

One Twitter user wrote, "It's the cutest video (without puppies) that I've ever seen."

Another said, "I've been smiling at this all day."

Kerby explained to BuzzFeed that he was initially surprised the video has gone viral, but if it's inspiring people, he's happy. "It's just some nerdy, weird dude opening shoes, and for some reason, 40,000 people are liking this," he stated. "But if it inspires teachers to be better teachers, and people to be better people, then I'm excited that it's happening."


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