This Woman's Memory Journal About Her Crush Is Inspiring Others 'To Go The Extra Mile'

"I'd like the remaining [pages] to be future memories from our perspective."

Update: This article has been adjusted to include comments from Taylor Blake. 

There are many endearing ways to express your love for someone. Some people do it with emotional speeches. Others show their feelings with a simple gesture. Then there are those who put pen to paper and write from the heart.

Taylor Blake falls into the latter category. The 23-year-old from Florida began writing a memory journal after meeting Josie Paine on an app. 

"I actually decided to start a journal simply because writing has always been a passion of mine, it's how I best express my feelings," Blake explained to A Plus in an email. "I haven't always had the best luck with girls, so I was slightly apprehensive about delving into a potentially new relationship. From the start, I knew there was something different about Josie. I remember thinking to myself one day, 'Perhaps I should let my writing tell me whether or not she's the one I'm supposed to be with.' It was something I had never done for any other girl, and being that writing was the purest way of expressing my emotions, it seemed logical."

Blake began keeping the journal the first night after she hung out with Paine, writing a new entry each time they went out. As of July, she had written 19 different entries.

"As time went on, my feelings started to grow and my writing started to transform," Blake told A Plus. "It went from basic sentences with little emotion to passionate poetic metaphors. That's when I knew, it was time, and my writing had truly told the story for me."

So, she took Paine out to dinner and showed her everything she had written.

"I used the journal to ask Josie to be my girlfriend. I wanted her to be able to relive the past few months from MY perspective. I wanted her to be able to read my emotions on paper and see exactly how I fell for her."

In the final entry of the journal, Blake asks Paine to be hers. 

Paine clearly appreciated the romantic gesture. Now, the couple is using the journal to keep in touch while they're away from each other.

It isn't just Paine who has been touched by the sweet journal. Blake wrote about her memory journal on Twitter. One tweet has received many positive reactions from other users. Since Blake posted the tweet on July 13, it has been retweeted over 2,300 times and liked over 5,100. Users are saying what a cute idea the journal was, and how they would love for someone to write about them, or vice versa.

After seeing all of the happy comments, Blake told BuzzFeed:

"I think every girl deserves to be appreciated, and reminded what makes her special. My hope is that, by seeing my post, others will be inspired to go the extra mile for the people who bring them the most joy."

Going the extra mile is exactly how you show someone just how much they mean to you. You don't necessarily need to do anything grand or expensive, it just needs to come from the heart. In Blake's case, her memory journal did, and Paine and everyone on social media could clearly see that.

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