Your Heart Will Skip A Beat After Seeing This Incredible Japanese Island

We DARE you not to melt!

This might be the one place on Earth where question "Who let the dogs out?" is not met with barks.

Tashirojima, a Japanese fisherman village, is widely known for its other name, the Cat Heaven Island.

The tiny village located in the Pacific Ocean is famous for its residents. But not the human kind.

Tashirojima's population spans around 100 inhabitants and even bigger number of of these adorable purring furballs.

Oh isn't she cute?!

Fishermen and locals feed the cats and vets check up on them to see if they're healthy.

What's more, the island is now a huge tourist attraction. And the reason is clear.

Originally, cats were brought here to protect silkworm farmers from mice. Back in the day, fishermen used silkworms to make their fishing nets.

These amazing pics were captured by Japanese photographer Fubirai, who has spent the last five years documenting Tashirojima's phenomenon.

Did we mention that dogs are prohibited in this island? Because they are.

However, Tashirojima isn't the only island proclaimed "cat heaven". Watch this video from Aoshima:

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