'Desserted In Paris' Photos Make Us Want To Book A Flight ASAP


No one does dessert quite like Parisians and this Instagram is proof. 

Graphic designer and pâtissier Tal Spiegel has combined his love for design and desserts to create the perfect series of photos. 

His Instagram, Desserted In Paris, is filled with snapshots of gorgeous-looking desserts juxtaposed against interesting floors and a variety of colorful shoes from Spiegel's large collection. 

Scrolling through is both mouthwatering and aesthetically satisfying. 


See for yourself:

1. Eclair

2. Raspberry meringue

3. Barlette with raspberries and orange flower

4. Ricotta pancakes with lemon curd and fresh fruit

5. Hazelnut chocolate brioche

6. Raspberry Mont Blanc

7. Lemon yuzu eclair

8. Assorted pastries

9. Strawberry cake

10. Raspberry tart

11. Chocolates

12. Pistachio chocolate escargot

13. Lemon meringue tart

14. Carrot orange tart

15. Black sesame ice cream sandwich

(H/T: DesignTaxi

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