Syrian Refugee Making Journey In Wheelchair, Still Looking At The Positives

One of the most inspiring stories we've ever read.

For many of the nearly four million Syrians displaced from their war torn country, the journey to find a new life has been difficult and grueling.

For Nageen Mustafa, who traveled for 20 days from the war-torn city of Kobani to reach the border of Serbia and Hungary, the journey has come with some positives. 

"I've tried many things for the first time during these 20 days," she told ABC News. "A train, a ship, and a lot of other things. The most important thing is that it's my first time in Europe… a journey across Europe!"

If her positivity alone isn't enough to inspire you, consider the fact that the 16-year-old made the entire journey in a wheelchair, and doesn't plan to stop until she reunites with her brother in Germany. Nageen, who has been traveling with her sister, told ABC she learned her English from watching Days Of Our Lives on TV.  

For a girl who spent her childhood without ever stepping inside a classroom, that English is nearly impeccable. Nageen is as inspirational as they come. 

"I hope that I will be an astronaut," she said. "I've always wanted what Neil Armstrong saw on the moon."

The refugee situation in Syria has gotten national attention, sparking Icelandic citizens to open their homes and the United States to add $419 million more to their refugee efforts.


Check out the ABC News report below:


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