First Syrian Family In Australia Finally Gets To Start A New Life And It's Beautiful

More will arrive within the next 24 hours.

Dozens of migrants will arrive in Australia this week, including a family who fled Syria in 2011.

Marwan Alkhdah, along with his wife and two children, are among the first to be granted visas after arriving in Perth, Australia, as part of their resettlement program, Social Services Minister Christian Porter announced Monday

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the family flew in from Homs, but didn't say where they came from after leaving Syria. Per the Herald, the family will be met by the government's social services to get them settled. 

Australia has agreed to let in 12,000 asylum seekers, but it has been a long road to reach that point. 

While some policy makers urged the country to close it's borders, the defense minister, treasurer, and federal member of an Australian county called Herbert, among others, fought against that. 

"To use Paris as an avenue to attack Australia's immigration policy," he wrote in an op-ed piece, "and the overwhelming number of law abiding, peace loving, Muslims in my city and country is wrong."

Refugees like the Alkhdah family are surely glad for it. They don't know where they'll live yet or when they'll go, but they're just happy to be there. 

When asked Marwan was asked about his dreams for his family, he told the interviewer: 

"To live in a safe place, to be happy, and educate my kids."

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(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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