How People On Social Media Are Demonstrating Their Solidarity With Syrian Doctors


With the Syrian civil war ongoing, there are tens of thousands of innocent people trapped in the besieged city of Aleppo. And as the conditions in the city worsen, so to does the availability of medical care.

According to the Syrian American Medical Society, a hospital in Syria is targeted every 17 hours by airstrikes, leaving the few remaining hospitals left in Aleppo damaged and under constant fear of attack. A United Nations Commission of Inquiry report described the destruction of hospitals in Syria as "deliberate," and as a result, there is a shortage of medical supplies and professionals.

In August, doctors in Aleppo penned a letter to President Obama asking for help. But the bombings in Syria continue.

"We're calling for a day of solidarity with the doctors and nurses in Syria on Friday," Dr. Daher Sahloul, founder of the American Relief Coalition for Syria, told Democracy Now! "Everyone should put a hashtag that #NeverAgainIsNow to support medical medics in Syria."

Here are 5 photos of people on social media standing up on the behalf of the medical professionals under threat of attack in Aleppo:






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