SXSW: Founders We Love To Watch

Palmer Luckey Hints At Oculus Release Date And Talks Future of VR

CEO Palmer Luckey of Oculus fame and fortune took the "Geek Stage" at SXSW for an intimate Q&A from an enthusiastic and curious crowd.

The burning question on everyone's mind was when a consumer version of Oculus Rift would become available. While nothing was officially announced, Palmer said that something would have to go horribly wrong for it to not be available in late 2015.

The premise of the conversation focused on developers with the idea that developers are ultimately going to decide what experience they want to give to users.

Palmer stated that the future of virtual reality is bigger than gaming – creating 3-d immersive environments is currently the domain of gaming, but it will expand to encompass the future of how we work, educate, and communicate.

The conversation showcased Palmer Luckey and his Oculus Rift team as builders of something much greater than a product; they are building a movement that they hope will change the way we experience the world.


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