SXSW 2015: Your Guide To The Techiest Talks In Austin

The Path to Immortality, 3D Printed Presidents, and the Future of Media

It's that time of year again — SXSW Interactive Festival is back in Austin for five glorious days of keynotes and panels focusing on game-changing innovations in media, technology, and raw human capacity from some of the world's most forward-thinking minds.

With jam-packed days & sleepless nights around the corner, here's the skinny on some of the most exciting badge-required talks at SXSW. It's simply impossible to see and do everything, so here's cheat-sheet for those water cooler chats before, during and after this year's show brought to you by OMD Ignition Factory. Keep it fresh, and see you in Austin! Additional details in the links below:

Extreme Bionics: The End of Disability

Meet Hugh Herr, Director of the Center for Extreme Bionics at MIT Media Labs. In his younger days, Hugh was an avid mountain climber, scaling peaks in the Canadian Rockies at the tender age of eight. At 17, he was caught in a treacherous storm while attempting to summit Mount Washington, resulting in the loss of his lower legs to frostbite. Herr's quest to climb again inspired him to design better prosthetic limbs.

Twenty years later, he's pioneering a technology that "hacks" standard human capability, with a line of bionic limbs and mechanical exoskeletons that allow for optimum performance in a variance of physical settings. Most recently, he helped Boston bombing survivor and dancer Adrianne Haslet-Davis get back on her feet for a rhumba and TED Talk.

3D Print The Smithsonian

While 3D printing has been around for a while, it's only now becoming more of a mainstream technology. From personal printers to scanners that work off an iPad, access to this technology has increased exponentially, and adaptation has literally become part of American history with president Obama recently becoming the first president to have his image preserved in a 3D scanned bust. The Smithsonian has begun the process of 3D scanning its entire collection. Currently only one percent of the museum's artifacts are on display, so 3D will give the public virtual access to the full warehouse!

Panel Details Here

Beyond Wearables: Future Fabrics and Fashion Design

There are a few items this year at the intersection of tech and fashion. From Wearable Experiment's Billie Whitehouse (whose above blazer vibrates to give you directions) to Imogen Heap's Mi.Mu gloves (basically a hand Theremin), be on the lookout for increasingly relevant conversations about how wearable technology will disappear into functional clothing design.

Panel Details Here

Athletes and Musicians Direct-To-Consumer Media

Alternative celebrities – like athlete Shaun White and DJ/producer Steve Aoki – have mastered the art of engaging with the fans who helped make them pop culture icons. With the explosion new portals and platforms creating a seemingly endless supply of new touch points, their opportunities for cultural cross-over have increased as well. At SXSW, Shaun and Steve will talk about the world of branding and marketing, and how athletes and musicians can interact to create value and shape content – so be on the lookout for what happens when cultures collide.

Panel Details Here

AI, Immortality, and the Future of Selves

Keynote speaker Martine Rothblatt has certainly packed more into one lifetime than most people, including co-founding SiriusXM, launching United Therapeutics Corp (where she is the highest paid female CEO in America), and proudly advocating for transgenderism. With a life like that, you can understand why she thinks the current lifespan is too short – and why the mission of United Therapeutics is extending life, and perhaps love, through the use of artificial intelligence and robotics.  This is sure to be an amazing talk on radical innovation from space exploration to pharmaceutical development.

Keynote Details Here

A Look Inside DARPA

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is future-focused, working to develop next level technology such as bullets that curve, real life transformers, and robotic exoskeletons. In this session, Dan Kaufman, former co-COO of Dreamworks Interactive and current Director of the Information Innovation Office, will talk about the path that led him to DARPA, and the agency's involvement in the latest of software and cyberterrorism defense.

Panel Details Here

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